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Gas Act 48 of 2001

1 November 2005

Download the Gas Act 48 of 2001 here.

The objects of the Gas Act 48 of 2001 are to:

  • promote the efficient, effective, sustainable and orderly development and operation of gas transmission, storage, distribution, liquefaction and re-gasification facilities and the provision of efficient, effective and sustainable gas transmission, storage, distribution, liquefaction, re-gasification and trading services;
  • facilitate investment in the gas industry;
  • ensure the safe, efficient, economic and environmentally responsible transmission, distribution, storage, liquefaction and re-gasification of gas;
  • promote companies in the gas industry that are owned or controlled by historically disadvantaged South Africans by means of licence conditions so as to enable them to become competitive;
  • ensure that gas transmission, storage, distribution, trading, liquefaction and re-gasification services are provided on an equitable basis and that the interests and needs of all parties concerned are taken into consideration;
  • promote skills among employees in the gas industry;
  • promote employment equity in the gas industry;
  • promote the development of competitive markets for gas and gas services;
  • facilitate gas trade between the Republic and other countries; and
  • promote access to gas in an affordable and safe manner.