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Escarpment Environment Protection Group and another v Director-General: Department of Water and Sanitation and others

27 November 2017

Water Tribunal 

Appeal No. WT 03/17/MP

Date: 27 November 2017

Coram: Prof T. Murombo, Ms L. Mbanjwa and Mr F. Zondagh

In this matter, the Water Tribunal found that the appellants, the Escarpment Environment Protection Group (EEPOG) did not have locus standi to bring an appeal against the issuing of a water use licence to Analisa Mining and Industrial Services CC by the Director-General of the Department of Water and Sanitation in terms of the National Water Act, 1998 (NWA).

The Water Tribunal held that an appellant is required to show that he, she or it had timeously lodged an objection against the issuing of the relevant water use licence to establish locus standi to bring an appeal to the Water Tribunal in terms of section 148 of the NWA.

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