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Pollution & Climate Change

The Proposed Karpowership SA (Pty) Ltd Gas to Power Projects

In this matter, groundWork is challenging the numerous licences applied for by Karpowership SA (Pty) Ltd to generate electricity from gas using the Turkish owned powerships, which will be moored in the ports of Richards Bay, Ngqura and Saldanha Bay.  Karpowership also proposes to construct the necessary supporting structures and facilities to connect to the grid in these three ports.  Each of the ports have sensitive surroundings such as estuaries, mangroves, seagrass and reefs which all serve as nurseries for fish and crustaceans. If these ecosystems are impacted it may endanger the livelihood for local fishers and/or mariculture in the various areas.

The three powerships will also emit a potent greenhouse gas in the form of methane, which has a global warming potential of 84-86 times than that of carbon dioxide over 20 years. All three powerships will emit an enormous amount of over 46 million tC02e GHG over the projects’ 20-year lifespan, taking up over 1.18% of SA’s national carbon budget at a time, when the world needs to reduce its emissions radically in order to reduce the harmful impacts of climate change.

The Department of Fisheries Forestry and the Environment refused the Environmental Authorisation on the basis of lack of information to reach a decision. Karpowership has appealed the decision and groundWork is responding to this appeal.

Karpowership has also applied for an electricity generation licence, which groundWork is objecting to.

Environmental Authorisation: Internal Appeal by Karpowership (Pty) Ltd and Responding Statements

NERSA Proceedings

Applications by Karpowership to NERSA for Licences to Operate Natural Gas Fueled Combined Cycle Thermal Facilities:

Objections to Karpowership’s NERSA application by groundWork: