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Centre for Environmental Rights – Advancing Environmental Rights in South Africa

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Activist Support & Training


The project hosts the CER’s Rights & Remedies: A Course for Activists – This course focuses on practical training outcomes and provide participants with a range of skills to facilitate engagement with government and industry, including the use of statutory remedies (e.g. writing complaint and objection letters, reporting environmental violations, and using access to information laws). The course includes practical sessions on topics ranging from organising stakeholder meetings and media engagement, to effective presentation skills and record keeping.

Designed to capacitate seasoned activists from communities affected by environmental rights violations, the course empowers participants to use the law to assert their rights, push for compliance, and hold government and the private sector accountable for violations of environment law. Successful applicants are asked to return to their communities and act as focal points for environmental rights.

We will also be providing community training workshops in response to specific demands from our community and civil society partners. The last aspect of training will be targeted training in support of CER’s programmes – the intention of this training will be to equip CER community clients and partners with skills and knowledge to better engage and use CER materials (or reports) as well as to give CER attorneys (and our other attorney partner organisations) good instructions for litigation.