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Zero tolerance to abusive conduct on our social media platforms

27 July 2018 at 10:55 am

Over the past few months, we have seen an increase in abusive messages posted on the CER’s social media platforms. All of these messages relate to our work as attorneys for a coalition of eight civil  society organisations challenging the approvals given for a large new coal mine inside a strategic water source area and protected area outside Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga. You can read more about this case here, and follow the legal proceedings in this case here.

The Centre for Environmental Rights has a long history of collaboration and participation in many civil society networks and other multi-stakeholder forums, and of constructive engagement even with those who we criticise, and those who disagree with us. We will continue to do so.

What we are not prepared to tolerate is abusive, racist, sexist messages, and threatening messages that are aimed at intimidating our staff, and our partners. Henceforth, any individual or company who engages in this kind of behaviour will be blocked from our social media platforms, and reported to the appropriate authorities.