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Joint Media Release: Molefe’s return to Eskom is 10 steps back for transition to cleaner, greener energy

15 May 2017 at 11:41 am

Credibility in tatters: Brian Molefe, reinstated CEO of Eskom. Image: Gallo
Credibility in tatters: Brian Molefe, reinstated CEO of Eskom. Image: Gallo

Reacting to the announcement that Brian Molefe has been reinstated as the Chief Executive Officer of Eskom, a civil society coalition consisting of, African Climate Reality ProjectGreenpeace Africa, the Life After Coal Campaign, Project 90 by 2030 and WWF South Africa had the following to say:

“Reinstating Brian Molefe after his disastrous exit from Eskom is a clear indictment of the catastrophic lack of oversight that the utility’s board is currently exhibiting. In his time as Eskom CEO, Molefe has shown he is an opponent of renewable energy and of a just energy transition for labour, communities and the environment. Instead, he prefers polluting coal and expensive nuclear power to the detriment of the South African economy. In addition, following allegations of his involvement with the Guptas in the State of Capture report, whatever remaining credibility he had is in tatters.

This decision is irrational and absurd – Brian Molefe took voluntary early retirement from Eskom in the interests of ‘good governance’, and there should be no circumstances under which the utility would consider reinstating him as CEO.

This decision clearly indicates how far down this dark pathway we have already gone, when instead of taking the opportunity to find a progressive and responsible CEO, Molefe is first offered a pay-out of R30 million and then, when this is deemed excessive, reinstated to run one of the most important entities in the country: our electricity provider.

In the face of the impacts of climate change, and rising poverty and inequality, this country needs Eskom to show good governance and strong leadership, by leading the way to a new energy future based on accountability, transparency and a better future for all. Brian Molefe is not the man for this job, and all South Africans should oppose his re-appointment. We also believe serious questions need to be asked about the ability of the board to oversee Eskom’s operations.”

Contact details: Lerato Letebele, Email: [email protected], Mobile: 076 562 4895

African Climate Reality Project: Gillian Hamilton, Email: [email protected], Mobile: 072 722 5630

Greenpeace Africa: Lerato Ngakane, Email: [email protected], Mobile: 081 464 9726

Life After Coal Campaign organisations (Centre for Environmental Rights, Earthlife Africa Jhb and groundWork):

Centre for Environmental Rights: Annette Gibbs, Email: [email protected], Mobile: 082 467 1295

Earthlife Africa: Makoma Lekalakala, Email: [email protected], Mobile: 082 682 9177

groundWork: Bobby Peak, Email: [email protected], Mobile: 082 464 1383

Project 90 By 2030: Richard Halsey, Email: [email protected], Mobile: 071 797 7195

WWF South Africa: Ellen Davies, Email: [email protected], Mobile: 082 444 4149