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CER Board appoints two new non-executive directors

10 July 2020 at 5:10 pm

Rachael Akosua Antwi and Nompi Ndawo Vilakazi, who have been appointed as non-executive directors of and members of the Board of the Centre for Environmental Rights
Rachael Akosua Antwi and Nompi Ndawo Vilakazi, who have been appointed as non-executive directors of and members of the Board of the Centre for Environmental Rights

The Board of the Centre for Environmental Rights NPC is proud to announce the appointment of two extraordinary women as new non-executive directors of CER: Nompi Vilakazi and Rachael Antwi.

Nompi Ndawo Vilakazi is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and Member of the Institute of Directors (SA). Her career roots are in developmental finance, banking and institutions of knowledge and impact creation. Currently, as the first Chief Financial Officer of New Leaders Foundation NPC, she leads the development and institutionalisation of policies, controls, ethics, governance systems and strategy throughout the various structural and operational layers. She is the executive sponsor for Employment Equity and the Transformation Forum in the company.

Rachael Akosua Antwi is an environmental and sustainable finance expert and holds a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Environmental Change and Management from the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom (UK) and the School of Geography and the Environment. She also holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), and a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree with a specialisation in Corporate Law from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. She is currently a director at Nochua International where she advises clients in SA and the rest of Africa on environmental and sustainable finance as well as the UN SDGs. Her work spans many sectors, including renewable energy, project finance, water, infrastructure, ESG, debt and equity. She is also an expert reviewer for the UNFCC Climate Change Reports and IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6).

In compliance with our Board Charter which prescribes terms of service for members of our Board, three of our non-executive directors have retired in the past 6 months. The Board expresses its profound gratitude to Saliem FakirKarabo Maelane and Stephen Law for their years of service on the CER Board, and their commitment to the realisation of the vision of the organisation.

The CER Board

As a registered non-profit company, the governance body of the Centre for Environmental Rights NPC is a board of directors comprising of a non-executive Chairperson, five non-executive directors, and the Executive Director. Read more about our Board members and the reasons why they have chosen to serve on our Board.

The CER Board is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance, as guided by the King IV Code of Corporate Governance.

The primary purpose of our Board is to provide governance and oversight of our organisation: what work we do, how we spend our funds, how we manage risk, and how we comply with law and best practice. To do this, the Board has a Finance & Audit Committee that oversees the financial management of the organisation, and a Risk Committee that oversees the assessment and management of risk to the organisation.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the CER has had to strike a balance between keeping our work going, and the safekeeping for our staff and the clients we serve. During this time, our Board has been proactive in providing sound advice and support, and continuously ensure that we remain resilient, and on course.