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Centre for Environmental Rights – Advancing Environmental Rights in South Africa

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We are activist lawyers who defend the right of communities and civil society organisations to an environment not harmful to health or wellbeing for present and future generations. Through litigation, advocacy and activist support and training, we seek to advance our vision of a more equal society, free of fossil fuels, in which environmental and climate justice is realised and all people and the planet flourish.


Early victory in #CancelCoal case

Early victory in #CancelCoal case

13 December 2022

In an early victory for #CancelCoal applicants, yesterday the Pretoria High Court ordered the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy to release records relating to the decision to include new coal power in the 2019 Integrated Resource Plan for Electricity (IRP), and to the 2020 Ministerial determination for new coal issued under the IRP. The… continued

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